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Use webcam surveillance software with motion detection to supercharge your webcam's surveillance capabilities

March 06, 2007

Video surveillance just got a whole lot easier. Now you can turn your webcam into a complete video surveillance system with motion detection capabilities simply by using webcam surveillance software. Using webcam software to turn your webcam into a video surveillance device can be a very cost effective alternative to traditional surveillance methods. Many of the software packages available on the market give you much of the same functionality that you would get from a standard video surveillance system at a fraction of the cost.

There are a large number of different webcam surveillance packages available, many of which contain webcam motion detection software. Not all packages are created equal however. In reviewing some of the available offerings, the biggest difference among products tends to be the remote viewing capabilities offered. Some of the features of the most widely used applications are reviewed below.

  • Capturix VideoSpy -- This product provided by Capturix Technologies allows you to record both video and sound on a pre-programmed schedule. The software gives your webcam motion and sound detection capabilities as well as the ability to generate automated email alerts when a security event is triggered.

    VideoSpy also allows you to connect remotely to view both recorded and live images from all of the webcams you have on your system. Access can be achieved simply by logging in through a standard web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. You can even use the VideoSpy software to control the lights, air conditioning system, and other electrical systems in your home. The basic VideoSpy package costs only $39.00, and the enterprise package, which can host an unlimited number of cameras, cost $600.00.
  • Gotcha -- This motion detection software for webcam surveillance can support multiple webcam devices and allows you to simultaneously monitor all functioning cameras at one time. Gotcha has a time scheduler that allows you to set different monitoring schedules for each camera on the network. You also have the ability to record video images to a remote server just in case your PC is stolen. Gotcha provides motion detection capabilities to each camera, and can also be configured to automatically send alerts via email, phone, or pager if motion is detected.

    The one main drawback with Gotcha's program is their remote monitoring capabilities. While they state you do have remote monitoring capabilities, remote access can only be gained through a telephone line connection. They do not have TCP/IP support for monitoring purposes, so you cannot remotely access your webcam through the Internet. Depending on what your specific needs are, this could be a real drawback. The Gotcha single camera package sells for $69.95, and their multi-camera package sells for $399.00.
  • WebCam Watchdog v.4.0 -- A company called Webcam Corp. offers this product. It provides motion detection capabilities, enhanced digital video recording, automated email alert functionality, remote surveillance through a standard web browser, and superior compression rates for clear smooth live streaming video images. The software also comes with some advanced security features such as user authentication and 128-bit encryption. This program does require a Pentium III processor or greater to run, but the features are well worth the extra power required. The basic Watchdog package can be purchased for only $49.00.

As you can see the webcam software packages that are available can provide you with virtually the same features as standard video surveillance systems. The features you get for the cost may justify this as a cost effective and viable alternative to a traditional video surveillance system.

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